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All You Magazine: Summer Issues Reviewed

Monday, July 29th, 2013

All You summer issues

I’m on a lot of press mailing lists, which means that I will receive promotional copies of magazines, DVDs, or other items for coverage consideration. As I mentioned recently, I’ve been getting complimentary issues of All You coming to my door this year, which is great for this coupon-clipping journalist. 😉 I’ve discussed this magazine on here multiple times as a coupon resource; I think the number of coupons that will be useful to you from each issue all depends on your proximity to Walmart and regional deals. I can’t always use the coupons from All You because the closest Walmart to me is 64 miles away and this town is notoriously slow in getting new products that I might see featured; it all depends on the issue and what I’m up to that month!

Here’s my thoughts on the summer issues of All You thus far:

June: With all the traveling I did over June, I didn’t even get a chance to sit down and clip out the coupons I wanted from this issue until last night. Sheesh! Anyway, I clipped out a coupon for Stayfree with a long expiration date that I will definitely be using soon.

July: I’m not immediately spotting any coupons from this issue that I know for sure I’ll use, but that all depends on what sales are going on. I never disregard a coupon until it expires, because you never know what sales are going to come up.

All You Summer Fun Special Issue: There were $27.75 worth of coupons in this, but I didn’t realize they had a fairly short expiration date; looks like they all expired on July 28th. Whoops! Oh well – I’m going to pass this on to Grandma next time I see her. She’s enjoyed reading these before, so I pass on issues to her once I’ve used the coupons. I would share my coupons with her too, but she doesn’t like to mess around with coupon shopping so I share deals with her in other ways!

The nice thing about All You is that there are a lot of recipes, household hints and general lifestyle articles that are fun to read after you’re done with the coupons. I seriously still have some issues in my magazine rack from 2010 that I need to finish looking through…

In other All You news, I was reading that this magazine is now being sold at Publix, so there’s an extra option for getting your hands on a copy now! Previously it was only sold through subscription and in Walmart/Sam’s Club stores.

Coupon Apps: Saving With Your Smartphone

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

As smartphones become more and more ubiquitous, we’re seeing all kinds of innovations being designed for mobile technology. One category that is growing is the mobile coupon front, with a lot of people are using their smartphones to snag and redeem deals. Naturally, I will explore any and every new avenue of saving money, so I’ve been intrigued to see this area develop. Last year at the Safeway Just4U event, for example, they unveiled the accompanying savings app that you could use while on the go to load deals to your card. Up until last week, I was using a first-generation iPhone (In true frugal fashion!), but unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow older devices to upgrade past iOS 3.1.3, so I hadn’t yet been able to try any of coupon apps out there. Last week, I received an iPhone 3GS as a gift, so one of the first things I did was install several coupon apps that I’d been anxious to try. App

One of the apps I’ve been experimenting with is the app. This is an extension of their website, and basically gives you a hub on your smartphone from which you can browse and select printables. Once selected, you can either email the coupons to yourself for printing later, or if you have a select new printer, you could print them wirelessly. The app also lets you browse through savings card offers, which you can add to your various club cards when you login with your account. You can also browse smartphone-specific offers to add to your iPhone’s “Passbook” app, which you would then pull up on your phone and present to the cashier to scan the screen. This is probably the most unique feature of the app, since these coupons are unique to mobile devices. I have yet to try redeeming one of these coupons, but I’ll report back once that happens! The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use – it’s really just a supplement to the website, another way of making it more convenient to access and save coupons that you want to use.

Grocery IQ

Another app powered by is the Grocery IQ list app. This app is pretty neat and has a lot of functionality; you can create your own mobile shopping list, search for products to add, browse relevant coupons, use the GPS to pull up local store information, use the voice memo to add products to your list, or even utilize your phone’s camera to scan a barcode for an item you’re running low on to add to your list. You can also sync your list with someone else, which I could see being really useful – a smartphone shopping list is the ideal thing for someone like Jai, who will lose a paper list in 30 seconds. 😉 When I go grocery shopping, I usually have a notebook or large piece of paper with me so I can work out the total as I go – I treat my coupon shopping almost like a longform math problem, so my lists have running totals for cost before coupons, after coupons, and so on. I don’t know that I could make the transition to using lists on a smartphone unless maybe they built a calculator into the list (You can input prices, however). I know I’m the minority with that though! However, I will totally use this for outsourcing lists to Jai.

Do you use mobile coupon apps, and if so, which ones?

New Printable Coupon Resource

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Register Tape Coupons

Money Saving Mom brought my attention to a new printable coupon resource this morning. RTUI, the register tape advertising company responsible for the coupons that print on the back of your receipt, also offer those same coupons on their website. Just click here to visit their website, enter your zip code, and you’ll be able to view all current offers in your area. Not only is this an interesting source for local coupons, but it would also be a good thing to check if you plan on traveling domestically – try punching in the zip code of your destination and see if you can find any good discounts on dining or other services.

All You Magazine – 2 Years For $20

Friday, January 15th, 2010

You may already be familiar with All You magazine, a publication sold at Wal-Mart which has become famous in the money-saving community for being packed with coupons every month. I’ve been planning to subscribe to this ever since I started clipping coupons, but I kept waiting to see what kind of deals I might be able to get on it. This morning I was reading Hip2Save’s post about getting a year’s subscription on Amazon for $15, and commenter Michelle had a great tip about buying it through QSP, an organization that schools use for fundraising. Currently, you can purchase a 2-year subscription of 24 issues for $20. This works out to roughly .83 cents per issue; this month’s issue contains $47 worth of coupons, so I consider this a good investment as I’m confident I’ll save much more than $20 over the course of my subscription. In comparison, last Sunday’s newspaper contained $199 worth of coupons for $2.50 – so the paper is still the #1 best value, but All You easily takes second since I haven’t heard of any other paper or magazine that contains that many coupons. (If you know of one, tell me immediately!)

Something to bear in mind if you live near a Wal-Mart – it’s been said that the edition of All You found in stores contains different/better coupons than home subscriptions do; I can’t verify this for myself, because there are no Wal-Marts local to me, so I have no way to buy it other than subscribing.

If you want to purchase a subscription through QSP, click here and use the school/organization finder to locate a school in your area. If you can’t find one, you can use this number: 425002972 – which is for the school I chose. Then do a search for “All You” and the $20 deal should come up.

So readers: How many of you purchase All You magazine?