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Shopping Trip – September 19th

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

On Saturday, I visited 2 stores and brought home $32.04 worth of merchandise for $5.89:

First stop, Safeway:

Total spent: Nothing out of pocket, put $15.47 on a gift card that I won in a giveaway from Moomette’s Magnificents. (Thanks again, Cindi!) And one of the items rang up wrong, so I received a $2.00 cash refund.
Total before coupons: $14.97

View receipt #1

View receipt #2


A 24-pack of toilet paper – price: $4.99
A 36-pack of Kotex – on sale for $5.99, used a $1/1 coupon that I received with a free sample in the mail, which doubled; final price: $4.49
1 tube of hydrocortisone – was supposed to be on sale for $3.99, but rang up at $5.99; so customer service refunded me $2.00 in cash. Had to buy this because I got some sort of allergic reaction on my calves.

Then we headed into Portland for the afternoon, because I had a gift certificate for a massage at Root Whole Body and wanted to redeem it. As luck would have it, there was a Whole Foods just down the street from Root, so we stopped there before my appointment since I had a few coupons for items only available at Whole Foods:

Total spent: $5.89 (And remember, I had $2.00 extra in my wallet from the refund at Safeway!)
Total before coupons: $18.57

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2 bottles of Genesis Juice – on sale for $3.09 and $4.49, respectively; used two free product coupons that I received in the mail to bring my total to zero. I’ve had these coupons for over a year, so I was happy to finally be able to use them! Luckily, they had no expiration dates. I only signed up for one coupon, but for some reason, they sent me a second coupon a few months later. But that’s fine by me! The free coupon offer is still available, so click here if you’d like to sign up.
1 12 oz bag of Portland Roasting Coffee – regularly priced at $10.99, used a $5 off coupon. Frugal Living NW had a special promotion recently where the first 25 readers to become a fan of Portland Roasting on Facebook would receive a $5 coupon. And I was one of those 25 readers, so I thought I would put my coupon to use. The total came to $5.99, which is a decent price for good coffee, and we were almost out so it was good timing.
I also received a .10 cent credit for bringing my own bag, making my final total $5.89.

And the massage was fantastic!